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Boston, MA

Mike DeMaso I'm a Software Engineer currently located in Boston, MA. I have 10+ experience in Software Development with the last 6 in Mobile and 4 in Android App development. I have taken on roles from Senior Engineer, Tech Lead, Team Lead, Engineering Manager, Software Architect, to Associate Director of Mobile Engineering. Currently I'm a Principle Software Engineer at DraftKings where we are using technology to deliver more immersive and realtime Daily Fantasy Sports and Online Sportsbooks to fans of all sports, from the NFL™️ to Rocket League®.

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Spotbugs Logo

First let me start off by saying that this was a long battle of trial and error. The documentation at the time of writing this is scattered across their Read the Docs, their GitHub, and the Gradle Plugin Site. All of these in concert are confusing at best and contradictory far too often. Add in the complexity of wanting to keep Spotbugs in a separate gradle file and your project having flavors and build types... everything starts to fall apart pretty fast from there on out. Read more...